9-Piece Paint Storage + Touch Up Kit

Step 1
Ensure paint is thoroughly mixed. Fill syringe completely by drawing up paint to the 20 ml mark.

Step 2
Wet compressed towel to expand, and then use it to remove any paint from the tip of syringe.

Step 3
Dispense entire contents of syringe into bottle. It should fill bottle up completely.

Step 4
Record paint and project details on enclosed label then apply label to bottle.

Step 5
Use your touch up to repair scrapes, scratches and nail holes. Can also be used for glue, nail polish and cosmetics.

Step 6
Store away bottle for future uses. Be sure to clean supplies so they can be reused in the future.

Touch Up Bottles (2)

Syringe (2)

Label (2)

Disposable gloves

Cleaning Towel (2)