Appliance + Porcelain Paint Touch Up

REPAIR A SCRATCH in your bathroom or kitchen

Follow these simple instructions for best results

Step 1
Ensure you have the right color by ordering a color chart at

Step 2
Remove rust, dirt, dust, grease, oil and loose paint. Then sand surface with medium grit (~150) sandpaper to optimize adhesion. Remove dust and ensure surface is completely dry.

Step 3
Shake bottle for at least 10 seconds to thoroughly mix up paint.

Step 4
Saturate the brush with a generous amount of paint and smooth over defect in an even pattern. Multiple coats may be required. Dry for at least one hour between coats.

Step 5
Paint hardens over time and could take up to a week to reach optimal hardness. Dry time can depend on environmental conditions. Keep away from excess moisture while curing.

Step 6
Simply clean messes with soap and water. Store in cool/dry place. Ensure lid is tightly secured. Do not allow to freeze.