Soto’s Color of the Month - June: No. 50 Glass Green & No. 07 In Situ White


As the allure of summer unfolds, we're excited to introduce our Colors of the Month for June: No. 50 Glass Green and No. 07 In Situ White

These sophisticated hues draw inspiration from the natural world and historical elegance, perfect for refreshing your interiors this season.

No. 50 Glass Green – Light, Muted Green

No. 50 Glass Green is a light, muted green, capturing the delicate translucence of hand blown recycled glassware from Mexico. This shade embodies artisanal craftsmanship and nature's tranquility, adding a subtle yet elevated touch to any space. Ideal for accent walls, kitchen cabinetry, or outdoor settings, No. 50 Glass Green bestows a tranquil and sophisticated ambiance reminiscent of a verdant European estate.

No. 07 In Situ White – Neutral White

Paired beautifully with No. 50 Glass Green is No. 07 In Situ White, a warm off-white inspired by ancient fresco lime plaster. This hue provides a soft, inviting warmth that adds depth and character, ideal for walls, trim, and ceilings. No. 07 In Situ White offers a versatile, sophisticated backdrop that enhances any décor, from bold to minimalist.

Incorporating These Colors

Living Room: For a charming cottage vibe, paint the wainscoting in No. 50 Glass Green and the walls in No. 07 In Situ White. This combination brings a cozy yet elegant feel to the room. Alternatively, for a living room with ample natural light, painting the entire room in No. 50 Glass Green can create a subtle atrium effect, enveloping the space in a serene, verdant glow. No. 50 Glass Green does well to complement natural wood furniture and flooring.

Kitchen: Opt for No. 50 Glass Green cabinets for an elevated, European vibe, complemented by No. 07 In Situ White walls and trim for brightness and airiness. Integrate materials like marble or quartz countertops to add a touch of elegance. Marble, particularly in shades like Calacatta Caldia, pairs beautifully with green cabinets

Bedroom: Craft a serene retreat with No. 07 In Situ White walls, accented with No. 50 Glass Green through bedding or an accent chair. Use natural wood like, rattan, to complement the green.

Outdoor Spaces: Enhance your patio with Glass Green furniture and accessories, paired with No. 07 In Situ White planters and décor. 

There's something refreshing about green that denotes a healthy vibe.

—says designer Ruthie Sommers

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