Refillable Touch Up Kit

The Soto Refillable Paint Touch Up 9-Piece Kit for Paint Storage and Touch Ups includes everything needed to store paint for touch ups and repairs all over the house. Kit includes two empty touch up bottles with brush cap lids, two empty syringes for filling bottles, two bottle labels, a pair of disposable gloves, and two cleaning towels.

The touch up bottles are airtight, and the secure brush cap lids ensures that the paint stays fresh for many uses; bottles can be washed and refilled with new paint at any time. The syringe allow for mess-free transfer of paint from a can to the Soto Touch Up Bottles, and labels are included to record paint type and project details for simple reuse and touch ups.

Use all over the house to repair scratches, chips, and nail holes. Gloves (one pair) and expandable clean up towels (2) are included with the kit. Made in the USA.

All over the house to repair scratches, chips and nail holes

  • Walls
  • Trim + moulding
  • Doors
  • Cabinets
  • Shutters
  • Windows
  • Paneling
  • Furniture
  • Directly on wood or over existing paint

Durable enough for both indoor + outdoor use, with a low gloss finish to match a variety of surfaces