Quart of Premium All-In-One House Paint

Our handcrafted house paint is an exceptionally high quality paint produced in small batches. Our paints are richly pigmented and ultra opaque creating exceptional hide which means fewer coats are required and an even application is seamlessly achieved. It is formulated with extremely low emissions and low odor which means healthier indoor air quality and less off-gassing. The paint is exceptionally durable and can be used on a range of indoor and outdoor uses. Every order is custom prepared for the customer.


  • Painting or repairing small areas, like: a door, single wall, trim, cabinets, piece of furniture or other interior + exterior uses. Can be used on metal and other hard-to-coat surfaces.


  • 5-Piece Kit Includes: Paint, Stir Sticks, Opener Key, Towel, Gloves
  • Ultra low emissions + low odor to support healthier indoor air quality
  • Paint + primer in one means only two coats needed
  • Excellent hiding and coverage
  • Stain Resistant and washable
  • Sheen: Matte (no shine)


  • 1 quart will cover approximately 100 square feet. The paint is self priming which means you’ll apply two coats: 1 coat to prime and one coat to finish. This ensures you achieve the most uniform finish.
  • As a rule of thumb, when applying two coats of paint, we recommend:
    • 2-3 quarts of paint for painting cabinets in a standard sized kitchen
    • 2 quarts of paint for a single interior or exterior door
    • 2-3 quarts of paint for a single wall
    • 1 quart of paint for a standard piece of furniture
    • 1 quart of paint for the trim in a single standard sized room and 2 quarts in a larger room or living room.
    • NOTE: Coverage can vary based on porosity of surface, temperature and application

1. Estimate closest color digitally (not recommended as monitors vary significantly and are typically not precisely calibrated to deliver an accurate color) *see disclaimer below
2. Order a FREE Color Chart prior to your purchase
3. If you know the manufacturer and color code of the existing paint color, message us to see if we can help you find a match! 

*Disclaimer: Images of product and color displayed on this website are not perfectly calibrated to actual color. Therefore, it is not guaranteed that by using the digital match method, you will select the correct color match to your painted surface. Contact us for more details or if you have questions.