Wall Repair Kit

No. 01 Perfect White

Our thoughtfully designed collection of supplies for expertly filling holes with a seamless finish. Available in two different sizes and five different colors. Lightweight and easy to work with, the spackle formula does not shrink, and dries to a matte finish with a slight grain that can be painted over using any of Soto’s Paint Touch Ups or House Paints, or left as-is. Ultra-low odor and extremely low emissions for healthier indoor air quality.

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  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Directly on wood
  • Over existing paint

* Exterior use must be followed with an exterior-grade paint. Not compatible with plastic, metal or cedar siding

No. 01

Perfect White

A bright, pure white

Natural white, free of complications, the crispest, cleanest white

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