Metal Bucket + Grid

Durable, thick and long-lasting stainless steel paint bucket with metal grid enable a professional paint job from the start. Use the enclosed plastic liner to allow for quick and easy cleanup. Ideal for 1 quart of paint. In between coats or overnight, simply lower grid into bucket and secure with the lid. Paint stays fresh due to the silicone gasket under the lid. Handle makes carrying around paint simple and mess-free. A sound investment that can be used indefinitely. No more tossing out flimsy paint trays or creating time-consuming messes when moving the paint tray around. Can also be repurposed for a multitude of uses around the house.

  • Painting: Perfect for holding and distributing paint with the grid, ensuring even coverage and reducing mess.
  • Construction: Ideal for mixing and carrying materials like plaster, cement, or grout on job sites.
  • Cleaning: Useful for holding cleaning solutions or collecting water during maintenance tasks.
  • Gardening: Great for transporting soil, mixing fertilizers, or carrying gardening tools around the yard.
  • Decorative: Can be used as a rustic planter or storage container for tools, brushes, or other items.