Roller Cover

9 inch / Universal (3/8" Nap)

Universal (3/8"):
Fabricated with lint-free, shed-resistant woven synthetic nap to deliver an all-around smooth and consistent finish on nearly any surface.

Ultra-Smooth (1/4"):
The ideal roller cover for delivering that "sprayed on" appearance without having to pull out the spray gun. Fabricated with shed-resistant mohair blend which is ideal for delivering an ultra-smooth finish. Mohair is an ultra-smooth natural material that is used in soft clothing like sweaters. It is extremely durable and highly absorbent allowing for projects to be completely quickly and professionally. Pre-wet roller before dipping in paint for the perfect finish. Easy to clean with warm water. High-quality and durability for many uses.

9" wide:
• Walls
• Ceilings
• Flat Surfaces

4" wide:
• Edges
• Corners
• Trim
• Frames
• Hard-to-reach places

3/8" nap:
• Smooth to semi-smooth surfaces like walls and ceilings

1/4" nap:
• Ultra-smooth surfaces like doors, trim and cabinets faces