Furniture Repair Kit

Everything you need for a beautiful repair. Includes 7 different colors of high-quality wood stain and sealer in one, that offer the same beauty and durability of the original factory finish of your pieces. A range of 7 colors allows you to find the perfect match to your existing finish, for all the wood surfaces in your home, and is engineered to deliver a seamless repair for both interior and exterior applications. It is easy to use and provides a long-lasting finish that will enhance the appearance of your furniture.

Soto wood stain touch up is a water-based wood stain that is ultra low odor and low-emission for healthier indoor air quality. Each bottle includes 20 milliliters of premium wood stain with a brush attached to the cap. Made by hand in the USA.

A variety of wood surfaces, including: 

  • Cabinets
  • Furniture
  • Doors
  • Floors
  • Trim + molding

Perfect for repairing scratches, chips, and worn edges on all the wood surfaces in your house!